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Matrix Double Pre-Workout Bundle

Matrix Double Pre-Workout Bundle

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Looking for the best way to "level up" your gym game? Try Matrix Pre-Workout for a mega-boost of energy and razor-sharp focus! Its unique blend of ingredients will supercharge your workouts, get you to the next level faster, and help you unlock your full fitness potential without the crash!

Now double the energy with 2 bottles...

  • 250 mg of Caffeine for energy
  • 5,000mg of Citrulline Malate for Nitric Oxide production to increase blood flow
  • 2,000mg of Beta-Alanine to help push past the point of exhaustion

This Stack Includes:

  • 2- Tubs of Matrix Pre-Workout Blast Off  
  • 1- Trinity Logo Black 20oz Shaker Bottle
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